Vision Services

Suburban Associates in Ophthalmology is here to help you with whatever eye care services you may need! With seven board certified ophthalmologists, our team specializes in a wide variety of services beyond routine eye exams including laser assisted cataract surgeries with astigmatism correcting and accommodating/multifocal lens implants, minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries, refractive vision-correcting surgeries, and comprehensive pediatric eye care. While this website highlights some of our most popular treatment services, we could not possibly list everything our doctors are able to help you with! So, schedule an appointment today and speak with one of our doctors to see what we can do for you to ensure you are getting the best eye care possible.



If you are looking for optical services, we offer those too! Call our office to schedule a consultation with our optical department or visit our optical department webpage for more information on our current products and the latest vision-enhancing technologies.