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At Suburban Associates in Ophthalmology, our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with the personalized care you deserve using only the latest, most innovative techniques in eye care. Our office offers a wide variety of traditional and unique vision services, with enhanced specialization in pediatric eye care, minimally invasive glaucoma care techniques, laser assisted cataract surgeries, and refractive vision enhancing surgeries. Read more about what services we offer here

Our team of doctors consists of seven board certified ophthalmologists who practice at each of our three locations, giving you the most accessible and skilled eye care team in the area, with a combined 130 years spent in practice! Get to know more about our doctors, what they specialize in, and most importantly, how they are qualified to give you the best eye care possible.

Naveed Z. Ansari,M.D.

Janet Z. Bresch,M.D.

Kimberlee M. Curnyn,M.D.

Cereesa E. Longest,M.D. 

Gregory A. Nelson,M.D.

Mark J. Piotrowski,M.D.

Lena C. Shah,M.D.


Wondering who that other staff member is entering the room with the doctor? They are our doctors' scribes! Read more about why we use scribes here at SAO and how they benefit your quality of care. 

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