Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) is a safe alternative to major glaucoma surgery that was developed to reduce complications while maintaining the desired effectiveness. The goal of any glaucoma surgery is to lower the intraocular pressure of the eye in order to prevent and/or reduce damage to the optic nerve. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery achieves this by utilizing microscopic equipment and small incisions, resulting in a speedy recovery time for our patients. Most MIGS procedure are relatively quick, lasting about 10 minutes, and only require local anesthesia. Following surgery, patients may experience a blood shot or swollen eye that will last for a few days. They also may experience blurred vision 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Patients should expect to wear a shield over the eye during sleep up to a week after the procedure, and avoid strenuous activity for approximately 4 weeks.

At SAO if you are diagnosed with glaucoma, our doctors will work with you to determine your options and the best path of treatment. A few of the MIGS procedures we offer are outlined below.


Ab Interno Canaloplasty (ABiC)

ABiC is performed on patients with mild to moderate open angle glaucoma. ABiC uses a microcatheter to enlarge the natural drainage system in the patient's eye, improving outflow and decreasing intraocular pressure. After cataract surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in the eye and the catheter is fed through the Canal of Schlemm. The catheter is then removed, and the canal is dilated 2-3 times its normal size.


Cypass Micro-Stent

Cypass Micro-Stent is used in patients with mild to advanced glaucoma. The Cypass Micro-Stent is a 6.33mm by 0.5mm tube that is inserted just below the surface of the eye where the iris meets the sclera. It bypasses the blocked drainage pathways, and uses one of the other natural drainage pathways to drain excess fluid from the eye which helps reduce intraocular pressure.



iStent is designed to be inserted when a patient with mild to moderate open angle glaucoma undergoes cataract surgery. The iStent is one of the smallest devices to be implanted in the human body. It is a 1.00mm by 0.33mm titanium structure that is inserted just below the surface of the eye once cataracts have been removed. It creates a bypass between the front of the eye and it's natural drainage pathway to increase the flow of fluid and relieve intraocular pressure.

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