Cataract Surgery

What is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is a very common procedure, and complications (if any) are rare and treatable. The surgery itself is a safe outpatient procedure that is highly successful in improving the vision of patients.

During the surgery, the doctor removes the cloudy natural lens from the eye while the patient is under a topical anesthesia via a small incision in the front of the eye. Next, the doctor inserts an intraocular lens (IOL), which remains permanently in place of the removed natural lens. The IOL compensates for the magnification the old lens provided. Modern IOLs are designed for various functions and made out of different materials; your doctor will know which is most appropriate for your individual case, and we have provided a brief summary of the different IOL options for you.

After the operation the doctor will apply a shield for the eye and provide you with eye drops to use as directed. While sometimes sutures are used, the eye incision may be closed without them.

Why would this procedure be performed?

Cataracts cannot be reversed once they have formed. Thus, surgery is the only option once a cataract begins interfering with your daily activities.  

What is the recovery process like?

The patient may return home the day of the procedure. With proper rest and avoidance of any strenuous activities such as heavy lifting, recovery is usually a matter of days, with only minor discomfort (if any). Several follow up appointments will be required to ensure the eye is healing properly and initial results are sustained.

Normal vision is restored within less than a few weeks. However, many factors affect a patient’s vision after surgery, including the type of IOL that is implanted and your eye’s overall health. Contact us today if you believe you may have cataracts and would like to discuss your treatment options with a doctor in our practice.

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