When you first look into a mirror, what do you see? Your face! Because glasses play such an important roll in defining your individual style, it’s important the glasses you choose will compliment your facial characteristics, lifestyle and, of course, look great. So while choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. Let our trained professionals guide you towards the perfect pair of glasses for your personality, lifestyle, and your budget. We offer a full spectrum of eyewear from many of today’s top designers, so you can be sure to find plenty of great style choices. Our dedicated professionals are ready to help you find the perfect look and perfect fit.

Glasses continue to be the preferred choice of vision correction. Even for those that regularly wear contacts, most will still keep a pair of glasses handy. Out of necessity and popularity, eye glass frame and lens technology has advanced over recent years. 

The Frames: From hypoallergenic frames to flexible silhouettes barely visible & difficult to break, there are more options than simply deciding on a lens shape and color when picking out your glasses frames! Keep it simple and sleek with a rimless frame etched with a designer emblem or have some fun with the multi color inlays and stone insert options. If you are shopping for a child, be sure to consider the durability of the frames and consider spring hinges to lessen the possibility of breakage. 

Metal material options include stainless steel if strength and durability is your main concern, titanium for those with sensitive skin or if you desire a lightweight option, beryllium if you have high skin acidity or spend a lot of time in salt water, or monel if cost is your primary concern. If you prefer plastic frames you might consider zylonite if you would like a lightweight or colorful option, propionate if durability is important or you would wear these glasses while playing sports, or a nylon blend for flexibility and strength. 

The Lenses: For as many options as there are when choosing a frame, there are as many decisions that must go into the actual lenses. If your doctor says you require only a single prescription, you will require a monofocal lens, which holds a single power. However, if you are purchasing eyeglasses for presbyopia (an age-related loss of nearsighted vision) you may require multifocal lenses, that is, lenses with more than one prescription power. Multifocal lenses include bifocal (two-powered lenses, one for seeing close and one for seeing far), as well as progressives (lenses with many prescriptions and no visible lines). 

There are also an additional number of features and coating that you can apply to your lenses. Aspheric lenses have a slim profile and minimize the "bug-eye" look you might sometimes notice. High-index lenses are noteaebley thinner and lightweight because they are made of special plastics. Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant, which make them a great option for safety and children glasses. Photochromic lenses are the transition lenses you see that darken in sunlight and return to their clear state in regular lighting. Polarized lenses are most often used in sunglasses to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. An anti-reflective coating is a very common additional feature most will add to their lens to reduce the glare from light sources. Scratch resistant, UV protection, and mirror coatings are also available. 


Just so you can get an idea of what our stock includes, browse some of our collection below. Then, call to schedule an appointment with our optical department so you can find you perfect set of glasses!

Our current vendors include:

AspexCharmantClear Vision

De Rigo Rem


Liberty Sport


MarchonMarcolinMaui JimMiraflex




Our boutique offers eyewear from today's most popular brands including:





Calvin Klein


Carolina Herrera




Cote D'azur

Dana Buchman


Dilli Dalli

Ellen Tracy





gx by Gwen Stefani


Jessica McClintock

Jhane Barnes

John Vavatos

Jones New York 

Juicy Couture

Kate Spade

Kate Young




Lucky Brand

Lulu Guiness


Max Mara

Nine West





Salvatore Ferragamo

Scott Harris

Steve Madden


Ted Baker


Vera Wang

Zac Pose


*Our eyewear stock is always being updated. Check back to see updated information about our current eyewear offerings, or contact us today to see what is available now!

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