Telehealth Instructions

The doctor will invite you to your virtual visit on DATE via  text message at your appointment time.


To prepare for your virtual appointment 

1. Click on this link amsler grid.pdf and print. Follow the instructions on the card to check your vision and the amsler grid. 


2. Take a photo:  full face, and each eye individually. **Please have someone take the photo for you or use your rear facing camera while looking in a mirror. ** 

3. Please email a list of ocular medications.


4. Please email your vision results along the photos to 

 Please put your name in the subject line and provided us your cell phone number. 

We will resume regular and normal business hours as soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so. We sincerely appreciate your support and your understanding in this unprecedented period of our lives and wish for you and everyone you care for to be safe and healthy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 847-253-4040


Telemedicine appointments will billed to your insurance. You will be responsible for any deductible or copayments.  If you are uninsured you still are welcome to make an appointment, however, payment will need to be rendered at time of service. 



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Suburban Associates in Ophthalmology is an Illinois Ophthalmologist group dedicated to excellence in ophthalmology such as laser refractive surgery, LASIK, eye exams, glaucoma care, contact lenses, glasses and more. Office locations include Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates and Elk Grove, IL.

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